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Uncommon Focus

What will your life have been, in the end, but the sum total of everything you spent it focusing on? – Oliver Burkeman

"I don’t have to wait until my circumstances change to get started and make progress!” – from the Book - “Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

Many times, have I heard, “When we get back to normal, I am going to do this or do that.” Let’s think about what we can do to make something happen right now! I believe this takes tremendous focus. We are busier than ever putting out fires and we don’t believe we have enough time to get everything done. What we are losing is our creative time. We are going to be giving you ideas throughout the year on how to “focus” on what is really important to you!

Let’s begin with the growth mindset of saying to yourself, “I have all the time I need to accomplish what matters most.” Then we will work on how to find this time!

We all want to be productive, but what does that really mean? Does it mean successful? What is success to you? Can it mean different things in different situations?

Productivity starts with being clear on what we truly want. What is our purpose? What are the objectives? What is your vision?

Productivity should free you to pursue what’s important to you? Freedom to Focus – the ability to zero in and do the deep work that creates a significant impact, work that moves the needle in a big way and solves actual problems in your world.

Let’s stop right here. What are some things you want to do to create a significant impact in your life and others?

After we come up with this list, we will start working on finding time to accomplish this.

One thought: I am told that one of our biggest health issues in America is “Loneliness!” Connect with the unconnected today! #Uncommon

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