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Do Uncommon Things in Uncommon Times

As we are going through uncommon times I feel it is important to understand one another’s needs. I believe it is really important for all of us to realize that we each handle stress differently. We need to offer empathy and understand one another’s feelings. We can learn from others in dealing with uncommon times!

There are amazing things going on where so many people are helping one another. For us to be successful we need to be “intentional” in what we do. In our leadership trainings, we call it the “Dash.” The dash is when we do something for others that we can measure. An example would be, “Be kind to others!” The dash would be to write three hand-written notes to others each week. When completed, we can check it off in our minds.

In order to be “Uncommon,” you have to pay a P.R.I.C.E. This is an acronym that stands for Perseverance, Relationships, Intentional, Culture, and Empathy.

I would like to focus today with the last letter, Empathy. “Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.” Anonymous

I call it, “Treating people the way, they want to be treated!” We are all different. We need to spend time with one another in order to learn what the needs are so we can feel empathy.

Here are some things to think about with empathy:

· Take the time to look beyond differences.

· Seek to understand; be aware of what you might not know about someone’s situation.

· Support others in a manner that respects their dignity.

· Listen to hear. Hear more than their words.

· Be vulnerable.

· Empathy involves trust. Trust is spelled TIME!

· Be intentional. Start right now.

Can you imagine if each of us took time each day to be more empathic toward one person? It would make a huge impact.

Please stay in touch!

God Bless!


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