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To “Blend” Sometimes We Need to “Bend!”

Recently, the word “Blend” has been used around me many times. I had the opportunity to be part of a manger’s training with Crop Quest on personality traits and learning how to build a strong team. Another time it was used when we had our Southwest Kansas Entrepreneurship meeting, where our purpose is to help keep our graduates local with a career that they love and can make a difference with others. And to do this, we need to “blend” our school people with our business people to help build relationships and opportunities. In our schools, we use the term, “blended learning.” In our communities and world, we are working to “blend” our cultures for the good of all! Even in politics (which I know very little), I hear the term, “blend” our parties to be more open minded.

In thinking about all of this, I believe that to make this happen, we must all “bend!” This doesn’t mean to give up our values, it means to be more open minded. Take time and really get to know others, building their trust. In our training with Crop Quest, we used the term, “treating others the way ‘they’ want to be treated!” To bend in this case, is to learn how to treat others in a way that motivates them to be the best they can be, not just our way. We all have gifts. When we help people find their gifts and use those gifts to help others, we move forward in a successful direction.

Listen with the same passion you want to be heard! With the power of social media, we have a lot of power to be heard. How can we “bend” to take time and listen to others so they feel they are loved and appreciated! We have all heard that God gives us two ears and only one mouth so we should listen twice as much as we talk. How are you doing on this? I know I struggle.

Sometimes I feel we make life much more complicated than what it is. We need to “slow down,” to “speed up!” We are moving so fast that we don’t take time to “blend” as a team. Once we do slow down and learn about others, things will naturally speed up and we will get more done. “I am because we are! Ubuntu!”

Trust is spelled – TIME!


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